I used be a hair stylist in Japan and New York.

Moved my base to Hawaii In my 15 years working as a stylist,
I have had conversations with many people of different nationalities, genders, and ages.

All of these people had their worries, and as I listened to them,
I began to feel doubtful about my profession of making people beautiful on the outside.
I began to feel like there was a big gap.


So I decided to take a break from working as a hair stylist.

And I became a color therapist to heal people's heart through the colors.

After 15 years, I found Nijino Shizuku Color Therapy and became fascinated by color I had never imagined colors could be influencing us so much and sending us messages.

Color Therapy I completed the Nijino Shizuku Color Therapy master's course, and little by little I began working to heal many people's hearts.

I hope to continue planting seeds of laughter in people's hearts and bringing them joy and healing.

お問い合わせ * hitomicolor.hawaii@gmail.com * ハワイ