Swarovski Drop​ ​

The colors you choose intuitively will help you understand
your deep psyche and give you color messages.
You will probably notice all kinds of things.


・Reduced anxiety and stress in the back of your mind

・An impetus to be yourself again

・Smoother human relationships

(marriage relationship, parent-child relationship, etc.)
Colors can help you notice all kinds of things and make your future life bright, fun, and vivid.

Draw Rainbow 

This is not about drawing well. It is completely up to you how to do it.

All you have to do is draw the rainbow in your mind just as it comes to you. Children can enjoy doing this drawing as well.

This tells us the same thing as the Swarovski Drop Session, only we have changed the tool to a drawing.

Both adults and children have worries.

The worries you had in early childhood may seem insignificant now.

But they may be causing a hindrance for you as an adult without your realizing it. Colors will always be by our side cheering us on. And they will gradually heal us.

Birthday Color

Just as we have birthdays, we all have birthday colors.

Finding out your color will tell you things you never knew about yourself, your abilities, and your uniqueness.

Your birthday can give you advice on life themes and life cycles that you can put to use in the future.

Years and dates also have colors. You can use colors to make plans based on what kind of year this year will be. It may also be possible to use your birthday color to discover your true likeness and transform into a new you. Even names have colors.


one session 1 hour   $60

《1 hour session 3 times set》 

《1 hour session 6 times set》

《1 hour session 9 times set》 

※online session available

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